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Students from Altozano in the Beam Line for Schools (BL4S) Competition 2015

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Marzo 2015

Physics students from Altozano school try to win an internacional physics competition organized by an important international physics laboratory: CERN.

CERN is famous for the Higgs boson discovery and the invention of the World Wide Web, but there’s much more to the laboratory than that. A large part of CERN’s research and development is carried out at so-called fixed-target beamlines. These projects range from investigating the inner workings of protons to probing the mysteries of antimatter. In 2015, CERN will once again be making a fully equipped beamline available for schools. Beam time will be allocated to the one or more teams that win the 2015 beamline for schools contest.

The competition is open to high-school students aged 16 or older, in teams of up to 30 students, nine of whom would – if their team wins – come to CERN to run their experiments.


World map showing the locations, in blue, of the teams registered for the Beamline for schools competition: Teams from 40 countries in the running for 2015