Canigó school celebrates Child Talks Day ! a day dedicated to public speaking in English

The students of Primary 2 at the Canigó School of Barcelona have celebrated Child Talks Day!, an English public speaking activity that is part of the school’s trilingualism project. 

The students have shown their oral communication skills to their classmates, and their families have also received the recording of their oral presentations. To encourage the students to continue developing their communication skills, at the end of the day each student received a prop microphone that reminds them of the day and encourages them to continue telling stories and practicing English.

Communication skills in English for children at Canigó School

Child Talks! is an Oratory project in English that continues the Magic Talk! of Preschool Education. Through oral expression and communication in English, the students delve into content on Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Artistic Expression on a daily basis. The objective of this innovative project of Canigó School is to learn to speak in public, acquire new vocabulary, improve their body language and increase self-confidence and reassurance.

Projects in Canigó School to learn public speaking

Day by day, the students work on this communicative facet, with their English teachers in the corresponding classes or in small groups of two or three students during the English Corners led by native teachers.

Learning the English language is done by immersion from the first years, through the aforementioned programs, and through the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology. Our students’ command of the English language is endorsed by the Cambridge exams taken as soon as 6th of Primary and throughout middle school and high school.