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University Entrance Exam

Preparing the students for the University Entrance exams is of top priority in the last year of bachillerato.

Canigó has always been among the top schools with the best results in Barcelona. In the academic school year 2014-2015 of the students who took the exam, 100% passed.

English Project


  • In Bachillerato, the Economics subject is given in English and our students are given the opportunity to do their final research project in English and/or present it in English on the day of the oral presentation in front of the tribunal.
  • Students entering bachillerato have already acquired the necessary linguistic knowledge allowing them to cope well in everyday situations. The objective of this course is to further develop the linguistic skills previously acquired, enrich their knowledge of the language, by widening the environments in which they use the language. Highlighted among these is the use of the language within social situations and interactions; within the academic realm, incorporating the language into the curriculum be it technical-science, culture or literature, within the different forms of communication, and in the public which encompasses everything mentioned with social interaction and the workforce.
  • In the Fomento schools, upon finishing ESO the majority of the students have obtained the B2 Level certificate, so that upon graduating Canigó, they far surpass the requirements made by Spanish universities for further studies in any field, including bilingual degrees.

Internship in the Instituto de Química Avanzada de Cataluña (IQAC)

For many years now the school has signed an agreement with the CSIC (Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) through the IQAC in which our bachillerato students can do a trimester long internship program using their facilities.

Formation Program

The formation of our students from their earlier stages continues in bachillerato. In addition to their personal advisor and the weekly formations, programmed during the school year meeting, a university orientation plan is also incorporated in bachillerato whose objective is to equip the students with the information they need to decide what their professional interests are.

Voluntary Activities

Of great importance is also life outside the school. Canigó has organized a social service program. Through this volunteer program, members of the education community who are interested can dedicate part of their time to serve others in a voluntary and selfless way.