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The educational vision of Fomento in the high school years is to transmit to our students the basic cultural elements, strengthen their study and work habits which contribute to their individual learning, to develop their abilities and finally, to form them as responsible members of society. Meanwhile, keeping in mind the physical, intellectual and emotional transformation of the students at this stage in their lives (12-16 years old). Canigó proposes an educational module which makes a personalized education possible, catering to the students’ varying interests and motivations.

English Project

  • Following the guidelines of The European Council found in the Common European Framework for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment document the learning of English as a primary foreign language is stressed through the CLIL method in some of the curriculum with the goal of increasing the students´ bilingual competency.
  • Cambridge Certificates: The objective of this program is to assure that the majority of our students graduate Canigó having obtained a B2 level accredited by Cambridge University.
  • Studying abroad: Language programs
  • Science Project: laboratory
  • Entrepreneurship


Second Foreign Language

From 1st of ESO students can choose between French or German as their second foreign language.  The learning of new foreign languages contributes to students´ general education and more specifically, to the development of their language and communication capacities. More concretely, and in relation to the goals of this stage of schooling, students are prepared to use these languages in their post studies and in their immersion into the workforce.

Maths: eBox and Problem Solving

The ESO Maths program includes different modules. In collaboration with experts from around the world, the e-box has been developed, a program which includes materials whose primary objective is in facilitating the first phases in the learning of equations.  Equally, Fomento has specific programs and materials to work different strategies for mental calculation and problem solving.



Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning is a way of structuring the activity in the classroom in reduced working groups, in which students help each other to learn. It has a dual objective; students learn the school content better and more efficiently as well as learning to work as a team in a cooperative way.

Solidarity and volunteer work

In order to educate in social virtues (respect, solidarity, justice, and civic duty), many volunteer opportunities are offered to our students which allows them the chance to help others. The aim of these activities is to discover solidarity within one´s own surroundings, know and improve our own attitude towards solidarity and to commit oneself to solidarity work in one’s environment.

Program “Education in values”

The program´s objectives are: to form the students´ criteria and give clear ideas about questions of special interest, encourage reflection (analyze reason and defending) one´s own values and ways of thinking and doing in social circles, as well as promoting a positive attitude towards commitment to things as a means to bettering oneself, and lastly, offering practical ideas to parents in helping in the personal development of their child.