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Educational Excellence

Fomento promotes an integral education, catering to all the facets of the human person, based on a solid academic, human and Christian formation. We prepare our students to be good professionals as well as good people in society so that they can face the future with personal responsibility in harmony with the rest of humanity.


An excellent academic level in school is based on good results achieved by the students in external exams. In Maths, Science and Languages, the schools that take the PISA exams, achieve the same results as the best centres in Europe.

The mastery of English is of utmost importance in the academic formation of our students, and through the passing of the Official Cambridge English Exams they receive a level certificate.  In addition, Canigo offers other language programs which give students the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland, United States or Canada.

Beginning in 1st of ESO students are given the option of studying a second language, French or German.

Information and Communication Technology applied in Education (TICE) are habitually used as a tool of learning in the classroom. Every Fomento classroom has a digital whiteboard installed, a tool which has proved to be very efficient.

Sports, in addition to contributing to the physical development of the students, implement values such as effort, the desire for self-improvement, teamwork and friendship. The success of Fomento´s sports teams in the schools´ championships is crucial. Moreover, during the weekends, the schools hold championships and other sporting events that re-enforce the importance of physical activity and the use of the school´s facilities as a place that is open to everyone: students, families and friends.

The arts are also promoted, whose objective is the development of the aesthetic capacity of the human person.  Music, theatre, painting, music and creative writing are some activities in which our students participate.


In the Fomento Schools habits are formed that help students reach their personal maturity. An effort in a job well done, sincerity, cheerfulness and orderliness are some of the key aspects of human formation. Likewise, personal and social responsibility are also developed, and the attitudes in relating with others, such as understanding, respect, generosity, collaboration and teamwork.


Spiritual formation offered at Fomento Schools are carried out in accordance with the Catholic Doctrine Teachings and with maximum respect to the individual’s conscience and free will. These activities are voluntary. The Prelature of Opus Dei at the request of the Fomento Learning Centres, help to maintain the Christian identity of the school alive.