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Educational excellence goes hand in hand with innovation and this has been the case since the founding of the Fomento schools. Our classrooms are forums of permanent innovation with one purpose in mind:  the continuous academic improvement of our students.

Fomento relies on the (ESC) editorial which publishes didactic material and textbooks resulting in a continuous pedagogical investigation. All of the Fomento classrooms have a digital interactive white board, which have proven to be successful tools.

Some Innovative Programs:

-Magic Dragon: The English Program for Pre-school ages 1-3 yrs, in which children learn the same material being taught in the Spanish classes.

-English Corner: Beginning at 3 years of age, weekly English conversation classes are held with the students in groups of 4, on various daily topics, with native English speakers.

-Fun Maths: Pre-schoolers ages 1-3, learn through a program which includes hands-on games, numbering scheme, scales, measurements, logic, statistics and geometry.

-EBox: the equation box. Beginning in Primary 6, students learn to solve basic equations through a system created by Cecilia Christiansen, an expert of high prestige in this field.


With the aim of fostering educational research and the exchange of ideas and experiences, Fomento holds the yearly VICTOR GARCIA HOZ AWARDS given to the best educational methods and ideas.