1-6 years

The purpose of Preschool is to contribute to the sensory, intellectual and affective development of girls and boys. Progressively, attention is given to the development of movement and control habits, to different forms of communication, to language and to elementary patterns of coexistence. Girls and boys are encouraged to develop a positive and balanced self-image and to gain personal autonomy.

For this stage, Fomento has developed the Optimist Project. Its innovative methodology is based on intellectual and sensory stimulation in a playful environment, rich in stimuli that favours the development of girls and boys. Play as an activity of Preschool is the means of learning through which children explore and acquire different learning skills. 

Teaching English, which is conducted through linguistic immersion, occupies 50% of the time and follows the same learning process as that of the mother tongue. In periods dedicated to English, the teacher only uses the English language inside and outside the classroom.    

Child safety certificate

Canigó has demonstrated its commitment to the general standards established by the National Association for Child Safety.

The S + Quality Certification for children’s centers shows families the commitment to prevention, achieving safe spaces in which to implement their educational project, achieving motor and cognitive development without risks or overprotection.

Innovation projects

Trilingualism | Pre-Primary School

Hello Sally!

A project developed by Fomento in the first cycle of Pre-Primary School. Through contents based on family situations and songs, students are introduced to the use of language in order to gradually develop linguistic production and the construction of new knowledge

Bilingualism | Pre-Primary School

Magic Talk!

A speech project aimed at working on communication skills from a playful approach at second cycle of Pre-Primary School.

Bilingualism | Pre-Primary School

Magic Dragon

A linguistic immersion project developed by Fomento for the second cycle of Pre-Primary School in which the development of communicative competence is promoted from the age of 3 years. It includes projects such as Magic Dragon Phonics, Magic Dragon Drama, and Magic Talk!

Trilingualism | Pre-Primary School

Magic Dragon Phonics

A program that complements the phonetic competence of students with activities aimed at achieving the correct articulation of English language sounds.

Trilingualism | Pre-Primary School

Magic Dragon Drama

The staging of everyday situations makes it easier for infants to speak English in a real context, which is very important for them. They learn new vocabulary and linguistic structures, get better at pronunciation and feel they are learning and gain overall confidence.

Bilingualism | Pre-Primary School

English Corner

From the age of three, small conversation groups, led by native speakers, take place to develop our students' oral skills. In Primary, they continue working on their skills in order to get their PreA1 - A1 (Primary Year 1 and 2) and A2 - B1 (Primary Year 3 to 6).

Pre-Primary School

Chess Project

AFrom the age of 4, the Chess project that is part of the Fun Mathematics project, helps to develop attention spans, temporal space orientation and memory, among other things.

Pre-Primary School

Fun Mathematics

It is a project developed by Fomento in which our students integrate mathematical reasoning in a fun and engaging way.

Pre-Primary School

We read and understand

It is an innovative method developed by Fomento to learn to read and write. It adapts to girls’ and boys’ cognitive development and respects their learning pace. They are complemented by The Reading Corner, a library tailored to girls and boys, where they can enjoy books.

Pre-Primary School

iPad workshop

This is a game and technology workshop. Adapted to the pace of each child, students enjoy selected applications with pedagogical criteria. In the first year of Pre-Primary School, the youngest pupils will introduce themselves with the Digital Workshop.

Pre-Primary School

Creativity workshop

Developing students’ creative thinking by having them provide innovative ideas and solutions. Dramatisation, role play and brainstorming are some of the activities involved.

Pre-Primary School

Scientific workshop

This is a place of simple experimentation where boys and girls observe, manipulate and play with everyday objects that arouse their curiosity.

Pre-Primary School

Literary workshop

Here they develop reading comprehension and written expression through pictograms, words, phrases or different types of texts (stories, poetry, fables. In the first year of Pre-Primary, the youngest pupils take part in a Story Workshop.

Pre-Primary School

Programming Workshop

We incorporate educational programming in the last Pre-Primary School year with the use of Bee-Bot, a small bee-like robot. Girls and boys of 5 years enjoy games and activities related to the language of programming.

It is a project based on a basic introduction to robotics which has continuity in Primary Education.

Pre-Primary School | Primary School

The Oratory game

Its objective is that our students improve their oral expression by recreating everyday situations within the classroom. Through this game, girls and boys make a start in the art of oratory.

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