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Pre-School: Optimist

The Optimist Project offers girls and boys 1-5 years of age a rich, stimulating, sensory environment helping them to  develop their motor and intellectual skills. Games and playing, which plays a natural part in child´s education at this stage in their life, is an essential part of the learning process, all the while, the children continue to explore and acquire different methods and ways of learning.

The dynamic and innovative methodologies, which are continuously being updated, encourage creativity as well as their desire to discover. Through simple tasks, students also develop their ability to relate and communicate, and their respect and attitude they have towards others.

In all the levels of our students´ education, personalized education, educational excellence and a Christian Identity are the defining characteristics in Canigo. Moreover, family-school collaboration is crucial: at least once a trimester and whenever the parents ask, families meet with the student´s advisor to establish concrete goals with respect to their academic performance and formation.

The following paragraphs highlight main characteristics in the Pre-School´s Educational Vision in Canigo Fomento School: 


30% of the activities in Canigo are done in English in Pre-School.  The curriculum which Fomento follows to facilitate communicative English competence and correct pronunciation is Magic Dragon and Magic Dragon Phonics.  In addition, this is complemented by the English Corners, weekly English conversation classes in reduced groups of 3-4 students with bilingual or native teachers.


Fun Maths is Fomento´s program for learning maths through dynamic games. With Fun Maths students enjoy themselves by incorporating mathematical reasoning into their daily life and by learning numbering scheme, scales, measurements, logic, statistics and geometry.  Maths make up 2.5 hours per week of the school day.  Chess has also been incorporated into the maths curriculum for children aged 5.


Las actividades que se desarrollan en Canigó...


Students of 5 years old work in different workshops in which individual and teamwork is incorporated. The workshops promote creativity and facilitate each student to learn problem solving in this way developing their ability to take initiative.

The Literature Workshop offers student the possibility to develop the reading and writing comprehension through pictograms, words, phrases and different types of texts (stories, poems, fables etc).

The Science Workshop is a place of simple experiments where the children can explore their ability to observe and handle different material. Playing with objects used daily, their curiosity to learn and know more is awakened.

The Creative Workshop has as its objective the development of the creative part of the children´s brain contributing innovative ideas and solutions presentations and performances they create. Dramatization, role-play, brainstorming among others are just some activities carried out in this workshop.

The IPad Workshop is playing through technology. Adapted according to the learning rhythm of each child and boys and girls enjoy the advantages of the applications with carefully selected pedagogical criteria.


This program helps to develop the child’s reading and writing skills keeping in line with their learning capabilities. It initiates the child into the world of sentences, helps in developing their reading comprehension and grows their interests in reading.


All of the Canigó classrooms have a digital interactive white board, which have proven to be successful tools.


Continuous Growth is an education program in values at Fomento. Family is the most appropriate place for the implementation and acquisition of values and the school furthers this alongside the parents.  Educating children in values at this stage in their lives, above all promotes self-sufficiency and self confidence in themselves just as the acquiring of good communication skills and relations with others do.