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Personal Identity

Educational Principles

1. Canigo’s ultimate mission is to help parents to provide their children with a high quality education, inspired by a transcendent vision on human existence based on the fundamental principle of the dignity of the human person, characteristic of the Christian spirit.

2. Canigo fosters a personalized and integral education, and has, as its objective, the holistic development of each student, and a coherency in the way they both think and live.

3. Personalized education is based on the individuality of each person as unique and irreplaceable, in their self-efficiency to think and act responsibly, and in their openness, as understood with their ability to communicate with and relate to others and to the transcendent.

4. A manifestation of a personalized education is a single sex education.  Canigo opts for this way of learning which calls for equality between girls and boys in their rights, duties and dignity, and allows for a more personalized form of education in function with their different maturity and learning needs. In this way a real equal opportunity is guaranteed. 

5. The integral education fostered in this school, caters to all the facets of the human person, and is grounded in a solid academic, human and Christian formation.

6. All the activities offered in Canigo are carried out in accordance with the doctrine of the Catholic faith and with maximum respect to the individual’s conscience and free will. All religious activities and spiritual formation are voluntarily available for anyone.

7. The Prelature of Opus Dei helps in keeping the Christian identity of the schools alive, which is the fundamental aim of Fomento and Canigo.  

8. Canigo School is formed by an educational community, made up of parents, directors, teachers, administrative and service personnel and students. In an environment of trust and loyalty the participation of everyone is encouraged in the life of the school.

9. As a final mark, the government too forms a part of the schools identity, however notwithstanding the role attributed to our board of directors who direct and coordinate the school’s activities.

10. Canigo acts with responsibility and self-efficiency, guaranteeing our economic stability and incorporating the Catalan cultural values into our school.



11. Canigo Fomento School has come about because of parents’ initiative.  It is a service to society and facilitates the parents’ rights in choosing a school which shares their same values and beliefs.

12. The child’s education and upbringing is the parents’ right and responsibility, in this the school helps, with parents being the primary educators.  The educational enforcement in Canigo is considered in collaboration with the family, whose principal role is the raising and educating of their children.

13. The attention given to each family and each student, through individual parent-teacher and student –teacher conferences, is another way Fomento, specifically Canigo, demonstrates the focus on family orientation and formation.


Teachers and Administrative Personnel

14. Growth and learning go hand in hand in Canigo.  The teachers are primarily educators, they carry out their job while respecting the Personal Identity of the school, as well as being mindful of the fact that their example plays a role in the development of the educational vision of the school.

15. The teachers’ main goal is to ensure that the character of each student is being fully developed, encouraging personal effort and hard work and a constant desire to improve. Within the realm of their tasks as educators, the teachers work alongside parents in the personal and academic formation of the students.

16. Teamwork is also fostered in Canigo, the exchanging of experiences, formation pertinent to teaching, research, and innovation in education.

17. The job of the administrative and service personal is necessary for the smooth functioning of the school and Canigo attends to their necessary requirements and needs.



18. The school offers a personalized education to all of our students, ensuring that each student can reach her full potential and capability, allowing her to form appropriate criteria and to reach the maturity level and formation necessary to make decisions and act freely, responsibly and with integrity.

19. The student’s work, undoubtedly, is the primary means of learning and the basis of their formation. In addition, for the complete development of their education, Canigo offers a wide range of activities dealing with the intellectual, cultural, social, spiritual, technical, aesthetical, and sporty aspects of the human person.

20. The school also encourages the development of human virtues. In this way, both civic and social virtues are fostered, encouraging students in the pursuit of the common good of all as well as respect for fundamental rights and constitutional values.

21. The classroom rulebook, outlined in Canigo’s  internal handbook  has as its objective, the personal development and responsibility of its students. The corrections that are deemed essential are to help the students put the necessary remedies for their improvement.

22. Canigo offers its alumni, the possibility to continue participating in the activities which the school offers, through Canigo Alumni.


Acceptance and Personal Identity

23. Parents, teachers, administrative and service personnel and students upon their integration into the Canigo community, freely accept the Personal Identity found here within.