The Canigó school, classified for the great Final of the First Lego League Spain

On Saturday, March 5, the 3rd year ESO team “Aer Nexum 7”, from the Canigó School in Barcelona, qualified for the National Finals of the First Lego League Tournament.


First Prize “Ingeniera soy” for the Canigó school

This international competition has been held in more than 100 countries for almost 30 years and promotes interest in learning among young people. about science and technology. It invites them to participate in a science and technology project and competition where participants use their understanding of the basic STEM concepts and apply their skills in an exciting competition. 

Students develop their skills in an exciting competition that consists of three challenges: design and program a robot, share and develop the values ​​of teamwork and, finally, research and develop an innovative solution that solves a real problem on a topic that varies annually. In this edition, the theme has been the transport connection: “Cargo Connect”. 

The Canigó school team’s innovation project provides a solution to the supply of medicines to low density population areas, while minimizing its effect on the environment. The team is assessing the feasibility of developing a zeppelin/drone, a rigid airship sustained by helium and propelled by an electric motor. 

Aer Nexum 7, from the Canigó school, has received two awards: 2nd Prize for the robot behavior and the 1st “Ingeniera Soy” award, which qualifies the team for the National Finals, to be held in Torremolinos, Malaga, on April 2, 2022.

Congratulations and good luck in Torremolinos!