The Canigó School’s Maths Champions contest celebrates its 7th annual competition

On Friday, March 4, the seventh annual Maths Champions competition was held at the Canigó school in Barcelona. This year, like last year, the event was held without the participation of other schools in order to comply with the COVID19 health measures.

The Year 5 students of the Canigó school have fun with Mathematics


In teams, the Year 5 students from the Canigó school participated in the  Maths Champions contest and played various mathematical games adapted to their age which included topics such as: measurement, calculation, simple statistical calculations, series, etc.

This fun day has also been marked by the resolution of mathematical challenges, in which each team had to put into practice all the knowledge acquired. Each Year 5 student, according to the assigned role, executed the instructions given by the teacher, in a limited time.

This quiz awakens in students their interest in mathematics and shows them how numbers are found in all areas of everyday life. In a practical and fun way, with manipulative materials, students enjoy mathematics and understand abstract notions.  

Through this initiative, students work on mathematical concepts related to logic and calculation. In addition, they develop other skills that are key in the learning process, such as concentration, time management and teamwork.

Fun Mathematics at the Canigó school, from Preschool

 Maths Champions contest is part of the innovation project Fun Mathematics, in which students develop mathematical reasoning in a close and fun way, through manipulation.