Villanueva University Approval

In March, the Madrid Assembly passed Act 5/2019 by which the Villanueva University Centre is now recognized as “Villanueva University”.

In this way, the academic offer that Villanueva already offered will continue promoting quality education, personalized attention, and contact with professional networks with an international character and digital accessibility, as a university specialized in Social Sciences and willing to work at the service of society.

In addition, in September 2018, Villanueva also inaugurated a new building at number 6 in calle Costa Brava adding to the existing one at number 2, expanding a university campus that will enhance interactions between students of different degrees, making the university experience a key and enriching stage.

University studies will be structured in two faculties–the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences–and will offer further development of international and research activity.