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Educational excellence

Fomento promotes comprehensive education that focuses on all aspects of each individual and is based on sound academic, human and Christian training. We train our students to be good people and good professionals with the necessary know-how for facing the future responsibly and in collaboration with others. 

  • The schools' excellent academic level substantiates the fine results obtained by students in external tests; in Maths, Science and Languages the Fomento schools that took the PISA tests obtained the same results as the finest centres in Europe.
  • The command of English predominates pupils' academic training and is certified through the official Cambridge exams. Furthermore, language programmes are also encouraged as complementary training, offering students the chance of studying in schools in Ireland, the USA and Canada.
  • Information and Communication Technology in Education (ICT) are commonplace and used as a learning tool, with all Fomento classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards (IWBs), a highly efficient teaching resource.
  • Sports activities provide not only physical development for both boys and girls, but also values such as strength, the desire for self-improvement, companionship and friendship. The success of Fomento sports teams in school competitions is considerable and at weekends  tournaments and a wide-range of sports activities are held by different schools, reiterating the importance of physical development and the use of school areas as open places for everyone: pupils, families and friends alike.
  • Art activities are also encouraged, with the aim of developing the aesthetic abilities of human beings. Music, theatre, painting and creative writing are just some of the activities on offer for our students.
In Fomento schools certain habits are encouraged to enable pupils to reach personal maturity. The effort involved to do a job well, sincerity, happiness and order are some of the key aspects of human development in Fomento schools. Personal and social responsibility are also developed, as are attitudes towards others such as understanding, respect, generosity, collaboration and teamwork.
The spiritual training and development offered in Fomento schools is carried out in accordance with the principles of the Catholic doctrine and fully respect the freedom of conscience. These activities are voluntary. The Prelature of Opus Dei, at the request of Fomento de Centros de Enseñanza, helps to keep Christian identity in schools alive.