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Personalised education

Fomento schools offer personalised education to all pupils, ensuring that each and every one is able to fully develop their skills, form their own opinions and make decisions in a free and responsible manner.

A self-improvement plan for each individual. All Fomento students receive personal guidance from a tutor (coach), who also holds periodic meetings with parents to establish common goals. The aim is that each and very student, with the help of parents and teachers, define and develop their own self-improvement project.

The tutor is responsible for helping each pupil to get to know themselves, make good use of their freedom, work towards reaching a satisfactory academic standard, and, ultimately, to meet the learning objectives that will enable them to fully develop their personality.

Single-Sex Education

To facilitate personalisation and deal with the different rates of development between girls and boys, in certain stages of education Fomento schools have opted for Single-Sex Education. The girls and boys' schools share the same educational objectives, syllabuses and teaching tools. This teaching model, recognised by UNESCO and the EU, has been present for a number of decades in nearby countries.