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Las Tablas-Valverde: Sensational 5th Grade Sciences

during this first term class primary

November 2013

During this first term the class of 5E Primary has been participating in a variety of science projects, two of which have been "the solar system" and "volcanoes".  We know that our planet is called the Earth and that it is part of our solar system, but did you know that our solar system is full of planets that rotate on elliptical orbits?  We studied this and many other things about the solar system and we also made miniature models.

Whilst working on the volcano project, we learnt that active volcanoes have erupted in recent times and that they could erupt again at any given time in the future.  Other volcanoes that have not erupted for thousands of years are called dormant volcanoes. It is as if they are asleep.   However, it is possible that an increase in temperature and pressure beneath a dormant volcano could cause it to erupt again.  An extinct volcano is one that scientists believe is unlikely to erupt again.  It was a great experience to make and erupt our own volcanoes at home as well as in the school laboratory.