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teacher-in-charge his/her teamwork essential fomento learning


Teamwork is essential to Fomento's learning activities. The Teacher-in-Charge, the tutor, the teams of educators and technical teams all work in unison to fully develop the education project in each school and, most importantly, the self and academic improvement of each and every student.

  • The Teacher-in-Charge coordinates the students' learning programme in his/her class.
  • The tutor is responsible for providing each student and their family with guidance, which involves the student's personal orientation, in accordance with their parents.
  • The teams of educators are made up of teachers that work with the same group of students. Their work sessions involve an assessment of the group's development, setting action plans, scheduling orientation programmes and evaluating what has been carried out.
  • The technical teams join specialised teachers in a specific area, with these teams working to programme and develop the school's teaching activities.