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I Spelling Bee Contest

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Enero 2015

As part of the activities in the Cultural Week, the English Department held the First Spelling Bee Contest for students in Primary.

All the English teachers felt really surprised as well as proud due to the outstanding level of the contenders. All of them showed a very impressive performance and in the highest group the winner had to make his best to beat his opponents. There were three groups, one for every stage in Primary, and two students from every class took part in the final round. They had to spell correctly English words following the rules of the American Spelling Bee Contests.

These were the winners:

• Primary 1st and 2nd

Winner – Manuel Hernández (2B)

2nd place – Alonso Gómez (2A)

• Primary 3rd and 4th

Winner – Alfonso Hidalgo (4B)

2nd place – Juan Magaña (4A)

• Primary 5th and 6th

Winner – Teófilo Isern (6A)

2nd place – Alberto Cano (6A)