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Crónica del International Day

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Enero 2015

Last Thursday, we held a new edition of our International Day. It was a long week with all those last minute arrangements!

We started visiting the first year students. At the beginning, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing: The boys were making paper bow ties by themselves! But that´s not all. After that, they started making the typical American hats. "I enjoy making those kind of hats just because I feel like a real American man", a boy said.

Then, we walked into the second year classroom. We thought there was no difference between the second and the first year, because both of them were doing the same things. But the methods were different. And they were listening to music while they were working!

Our next stop was third. When we went into that classroom, we could hear the Beatles. The pupils were making the Beatles’s yellow submarine with plasticine and little paper balls. And they were singing songs like: Yellow Submarine or La bi ob la da. Great fun!

The elder ones were exploring the past and present. They discovered who David Livingstone or Henry Stanley were.

The primary students also had a spelling bee, THE SPELLING BEE. The winners were Juan Suarez, Pablo Fidalgo and Luis Antuña. Congratulations!!!

The first three years of secondary carried out some science experiments. All of them were different and interesting. The students of these years taught the younger ones how to make a fountain with coke, a volcano, a tornado, how to separate one’s DNA and lots more.

By Carlos Lucas and Guillermo García (10th year)

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