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La profesora Inma Borriello explica a las alumnas de 1º de BAC su experiencia en la India

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Diciembre 2014

La sesión se impartió en inglés y en ella pudimos ver que hay detrás de una persona apasionada por la cultura de este país. We really liked!

On Thursday, November the 27th, Sansueña students gained a better insight of what’s like for a western girl to live in India.

One of our teachers, the Italian by birth Inma Borriello, gave her time to enlighten us on the Indian customs, typical food, day-to day activities… in general terms how this chaotic and overpopulated country works.

Lucky thing she did, given that is not a common occurrence to find someone who has spent one year living such a different lifestyle. From dressing advice, their attire being so divergent from ours due to their extremely hot weather, to the variable wealth of its inhabitants.

She stressed every single key point worth considering if seizing up the possibility to travel to the Southeast Asia. It’s undeniably been a more fun way of learning.

Irene Gracia Pérez

Alumna de 1º Bachiller