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Project Based Learning in Primary

grade class were their very topics - IMG_0237.jpg

Mayo 2015

Students from grades 3, 4 and 5 undertook very interesting projects in English class.

Depending on the grade there were different topics:

Grade 3-Animal Life: Zoos.

Grade 4- Inventing is Fun

Grade 5- Travelling Around the World.


These topics were closely connected to the readings in class, which is very helpful when it comes to expanding vocabulary, knowledge of the world, as well as reading, writing and speaking skills.

Furthermore, Cooperative Learning also allowed them to develop other sorts of skills such as working in group, negotiating meaning, organizing work and information, ascribing roles and responsibilities as well as embracing their classmate’s opinions.

Using the internet  to research for information also developed their digital competence and provided them with  the “raw material” they needed to reach the conclusions they pursued.

At the end of the sessions, the groups presented their work to the rest of the class and had to explain it. Creativity was always the key word and the results were truly impressive for such young ages.


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