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Read aloud competition in English in Sansueña. Look at the video!

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Febrero 2015

This year’s edition of the Read Aloud Competition promoted by the Council Of Aragón included the category of Read Aloud in English. In Sansueña we are always ready to engage in new challenges in which we can embrace new projects and try new experiences, so we decided to join in!


In order to do so, we choose the finalists among students from grades 5 and 6.The first step of the candidate selection took place in English class and the process included all the class reading aloud in turns, while their performances was being graded and analysed by the teacher and classmates. Finally, a group of students was chosen as finalists from each class and given a text to study and prepare in group.


The final took place in the Assembly Hall, with the presence of all 5 and 6 graders and with the English Teachers of grades 5 and 6 as members of the Jury. It was an exciting moment but very difficult for the jury: the groups were very good and displayed very high skills. But in the end, only one group could be chosen.


The finalists that will represent Sansueña in the XII Read Aloud Competition in Aragón are :

Luciana Piedrafita, 5ºB

Paula López, 6ºB

Almudena Verde, 6ºB


Congratulations on your achievements and a warm thank you for your hard work!