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Session in English with Miss Alex about Portugal. Look at the video!

about portugal which with miss alex - portugal.png

Abril 2015

Our class had a session with Miss Alex about Portugal, where she comes from. It was a very entertaining and dynamic talk in which we learned a lot about our neighbouring country Portugal: Its symbols, the flag and the cock; its name, which comes from “Portus-Cale”, an early settlement, its history, the first king was a Spanish knight Alfonso Henriques; its music, the Fado, which is a unique Portuguese style of music.

It is a place we have so close, but we don’t know much about it. They also had a great empire, spanning for 600 years; They also had a dictatorship for 40 years, we learned that Portuguese people led the Revolution of flowers, something admirable since there was no blood spill. Portugal is a beautiful country with a lot to offer and Miss Alex knew how to convey that message to us.


María Iñigo, 2º de Bachillerato.