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The Spanish National Amco Spelling Bee Final

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Mayo 2015

Madrid, April 19th 2015- The Spanish National Amco Spelling Bee Final.


         Everyone was gathered excitedly and joyfully at the Meliá Castilla Hotel in Madrid, waiting for the ceremony of the Spanish National Amco Spelling Bee Final to begin.

         More than 100 students from all over Spain who study with the Amco method competed against each other to get as far as they could and hopefully be the Spanish Spelling Bee Contest winner. Meanwhile their families, friends and teachers cheered and supported them!

        There were two categories: bilingual schools and non-bilingual schools. Sansueña competed in the bilingual schools category since we have more hours of English as well as other subjects in English, such as Arts and Science.

        Our Sansueña finalists, Alejandra Estremera (the finalist for 1st cycle), Belén Hidalgo (the finalist for 2nd cycle) and Adriana Martínez and Belén Azcón (finalists for 3rd cycle) did an outstanding job! They showed everybody just how well prepared and motivated they were!

Well done!!