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The Water Cicle - Science. Year 4 pupils. Look at the video!

pupils they tiny droplets science class - Water-Cycle-Art2A.png

Febrero 2015

Year 4 students undertook another great project in the Science class. Pupils poured soil and a tablespoon of water on a zippy plastic bag and drew the water cycle process on the bags. After doing so, they hang the experiment on the windows above a heater. 
Days later, they observed that the water inside the bags evaporated and, as the window was colder, the vapor cooled down and formed tiny droplets of water. Pupils also understood that in order to precipitation to occur the tiny droplets of water had to be joined together. Therefore, pupils joined the tiny droplets and they could observe how rain was formed.
Learning by doing is the motto in the Science class and having such an active role in their learning makes these pupils feel engaged and enthusiastic. 
Look at the video!