Personalised education

The personalised education that Fomento offers, helps each student form their own criteria and make their decisions freely and responsibly

Fomento students and others receive individualised advice from a tutor, who also holds regular interviews with their parents to define common goals. It is intended that each student, with the help of their parents and their teachers, should develop their abilities and skills in order to become what they aspire to be.

It is the tutor’s job to help students get to know each other, to make good use of their freedom, to strive to achieve high academic performance and to achieve the educational goals that allow everyone to become what they aspire to be.

Fomento’s schools have opted for the differentiated education that is also a reality in other countries of our socio-cultural and facilitates personalised education. Our teachers implement this educational model, in which we have a lot of experience, with very positive results. Students share common goals, programs and methodologies.