That educate

That educate

The teachers of each school are committed to their work and the task of educating. They are also aware that their example contributes effectively to the development of the educational project.

That innovate

That innovate

In Fomento’s schools, the teachers share experiences and innovations. From the classrooms come projects that, with the impetus and the training of the Department of Education, can reach teachers in an area, a subject or a stage.

That work as a team

That work as a team

For the educational action at Fomento, teamwork is essential: the teacher in charge of the course, the tutor of each pupil, the educational teams and the technical teams work together for the best achievement of the educational project of each school and, above all, for the personal and academic improvement of each student.


That get involved in education

The right and responsibility of the education of children belongs to parents, whom the school helps in their work as first educators. At Fomento we are convinced that quality education is possible when family and school share values and educational principles, and act in a coordinated manner.

That want to learn

At Fomento’s schools, conferences and work sessions for parents are given on academic and formative subjects, according to the ages of their children. Family Orientation Courses are organized in this area of group training.

That participate in the school

Another feature of Fomento is the active role of the Associations of Parents. They promote the involvement of families in the education of their children, cooperation between families and the school; and the organisation of various activities.

All Associations of Parents are associated with FEPACE, a state-level federation. FEPACE, (Federación de Asociaciones de Padres de Alumnos de Fomento) organises, every two years, a congress in which parents, with the cooperation of experts, study and debate topics related to education.

Watch video of the 39th FEPACE Congress


Happy at school

The achievement of a good educational environment and friendly atmosphere are part of the educational project of Fomento. This is noticeable in the classrooms and facilities in which the daily life of our students takes place.

A good educational environment contributes to students’ learning and benefits all of the people who are part of the school. It is the best context in which to learn. .

They enjoy learning

At Fomento’s schools, we seek the integral development of the person and, to this end, friendly spaces and dynamics of coexistence are provided

Classes are an opportunity to learn, share and enjoy and are the origin of so many quality initiatives promoted by teacher and students.

The collaboration and work of everyone: teachers, parents and students allows everyone to enjoy learning.

They build their future

At Fomento,  we assist students in designing their personal improvement project and they are helped to carry it out. Each of them, with the help of their parents and teachers, develops their abilities and skills with one goal: to become what they aspire to be.

With each and every one of our students, we try to build the future: their future.


All over the world

All over the world

More than 86,500 Fomento alumni are living proof of the values promoted by our schools. They are men and women who, throughout the world and in all professions, contribute to the common good and endorse the concerns and needs of others.

In all professions

In all professions

In all professions, our alumni confirm the reality of a pedagogical model from Fomento that helps many people and families.

Linked to the educational project

Linked to the educational project

Many alumni have chosen for their daughters and sons the same school in which they themselves studied, more than 39% in fact, thus remaining linked to the educational project.