On line Personalised Education

At Fomento’s Schools, while the health crisis was being declared, we began converting our educational offer into an online platform. We wanted to adapt our personalised educational —our model to an unexpected and very exceptional situation.

Our goal was to continue doing business as usual: maintaining good academic standards, continuing to promote bilingualism and innovations, and continuing to conduct personalised tutoring with each student and with each family.

We considered that the best way to assist our students and their families was to give them, as soon as possible, an online timetable similar to the one they had had until that point.

Immediately, we set to work adapting the timetables to the new circumstances and to technological resources and new methodologies. The goal was to become Fomento online and continue offering daily online classes, activities, resources and consultation time with teachers.

From the beginning, online subjects were launched with their corresponding posts and messages between teachers and students, clarifying issues and resolving doubts; in short, working as a team. Specifically, online face-to-face classes are a new framework for the development of new skills, these being both digital and those related to autonomy and personal initiative, the goal being to learn how to learn.

And above all, individualised attention to each student and each family, one of the essential characteristics of our educational project. In particular, these weeks have highlighted the importance of guidance and coaching, essential in situations of high tension. As well as having regular conversations with students and parents, teachers showed great willingness to assist them in whatever they might need.

The educational challenge posed by these circumstances has been great, but the effort and enthusiasm of our teachers have made it possible to get this new online project up and running in record time.

Fomento would like to thank families for their involvement, as we know they have the importance of their children’s education in their minds and hearts, and they have demonstrated this fact each day by engaging in educational matters with our teachers.