16-18 years

At the Baccalaureate level, the learning acquired at previous stages is built upon. The preparation of students for the Evaluation for University Access (EvAU) is a priority objective of the last year of Baccalaureate.

The students who access Baccalaureate already have a knowledge of the foreign language that allows them to function in common communication situations. At Fomento’s schools, at the end of the ESO, most students accredit the B2 level, which means that when they finish Baccalaureate, they are able to meet the requirements set by Spanish universities to undertake any kind of studies, including bilingual degrees.

In addition, a University Orientation Plan is provided by Fomento’s schools, which aims to advise students regarding their professional interests.

Life outside the academic field is also of special importance, which is why the school has organised an action and social service program. Through this volunteer program, those who are interested may dedicate part of their time to serving others in a selfless and voluntary manner.

Innovation projects

Pre-Primary School | Primary School | Secondary School | Baccalaureate

STEAM project

A program that brings together different learning methodologies that develop logical thinking and experimentation. They are framed within this Scratch program in Primary School, the Fomento Science Project and the Physics and Chemistry Projects in ESO and BAC.

Primary School | Secondary School | Baccalaureate


A project developed by Fomento at the Baccalaureate level that introduces students to the design and construction of robots, promoting interdisciplinary learning in STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics).

Trilingualism | Bilingualism | Secondary School | Baccalaureate

Speaking Time

A project aimed at Secondary School (ESO) students, directed by a native person who works with groups of two people. Its objective is the achievement of B2 and C1

Secondary School | Baccalaureate


Based on Learning through Projects, entrepreneurship training is provided, with the objective that students learn and acquire skills that will benefit them in the future.

Trilingualism | Bilingualism | Secondary School | Baccalaureate


A project developed by Fomento at the Secondary School (ESO) and Baccalaureate stages, which allows students to continue developing communication skills. This project is based on argumentation and discussion on various topics, whilst respecting the opinions of others at all times.

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