At Fomento, we are convinced that quality education is possible when family and school share values ​​and act in a coordinated manner. As a consequence of the prominence of parents in the education of their children, the Student Parent Associations emerged in the academic year of 1964-1965, for the benefit of all and the effectiveness of Fomento’s Educational Project.

The Parents Associations try to channel attention and help to families, carry out their educational action and attend to the training of parents.  

Board of Directors


Luis Jover Herrero

Vice Chairs

Alejandro Luque Sánchez


Violeta Prat Avià


Jordi Huguet

Head Married Couples for the Academic Year

Parents-school communication is greatly facilitated by the so-called Head Married Couples for the Academic Year. Canigó designates a head married couple for each class, whose mission is to bring together all parents of the same academic year to get to know each other and integrate into the school’s educational project.

Parents School

At Canigó, lectures and work sessions are given for mothers and fathers on educational topics. Most of our families actively participate in these activities to be able to accompany their children more effectively throughout the different stages of their maturation process.

We call the program of courses taught each year at the school “Family School”.

You can consult the program of the academic year 2019-2020 and sign up for the courses.


The AMPA d’Canigó ofereix activitats of a formatiu, cultural, solidarity, esportiu, etc. character.

You can check all the activities on the APA website.