Secondary School

12-16 years

Fomento’s Educational Project for Secondary School aims to convey the basic elements of culture to students, strengthen the study and work habits that favour autonomous learning and the development of their abilities and, finally, train them as responsible citizens.

A third of the subjects at the Secondary level are taught in English. Following the recommendations of the Council of Europe, embodied in the document Common European Framework for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, learning English as a first foreign language is reinforced and the CLIL methodology is applied in some subjects in order to increase multilingual competence.

Students can obtain English certificates at the school itself. The objective is to ensure that most of the students finish this stage with a level of English equivalent to B2, accredited by Cambridge.

Fomento proposes an educational model of Christian identity that makes possible a personalised teaching, attending to students’ different interests and motivations, and a quality and innovative education.

Innovation projects

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STEAM project

A program that brings together different learning methodologies that develop logical thinking and experimentation. They are framed within this Scratch program in Primary School, the Fomento Science Project and the Physics and Chemistry Projects in ESO and BAC.

Primary School | Secondary School | Baccalaureate


A project developed by Fomento at the Baccalaureate level that introduces students to the design and construction of robots, promoting interdisciplinary learning in STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics).

Trilingualism | Bilingualism | Secondary School

Teen Talks!

Project developed from 1st to 3rd year of ESO in which male and female students develop speaking skills such as active listening, dramatization, organization of speech or learning courtesy formulas. Give continuity to the Child Talks project! Speech in English developed in Primary, to continue working on improving the oral skills of our students.

Trilingualism | Bilingualism | Secondary School

Team Talks!

Team Talks is a project aimed at secondary students to continue working on the appropriate skills to carry out a formal debate.

Trilingualism | Bilingualism | Secondary School | Baccalaureate

Speaking Time

A project aimed at Secondary School (ESO) students, directed by a native person who works with groups of two people. Its objective is the achievement of B2 and C1

Secondary School | Baccalaureate


Based on Learning through Projects, entrepreneurship training is provided, with the objective that students learn and acquire skills that will benefit them in the future.

Trilingualism | Bilingualism | Secondary School | Baccalaureate


A project developed by Fomento at the Secondary School (ESO) and Baccalaureate stages, which allows students to continue developing communication skills. This project is based on argumentation and discussion on various topics, whilst respecting the opinions of others at all times.

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