The Canigó alumni have the possibility of continuing to participate in our educational project through the Canigó Alumni, the meeting place and, often, personal, professional or spiritual aid. In this manner, they maintain contact with the education initiated at their school stage. This integration of alumni is a characteristic feature of the personality of the school.

The schools’ Alumni Associations, through the development of cultural, sports, coexistence, training, assistance activities, etc., are a meeting place between the alumni of Fomento’s Schools.

The aims of the Canigó Alumni association are three:

  • Strengthening ties of friendship and solidarity among Canigó Alumni.
  • Keeping alumni linked to Fomento’s educational project.
  • Influencing society through participation in the socio-educational and family field.

Our Canigó Alumni association is part of the Federation of Fomento Alumni Associations that includes the Alumni associations of Fomento’s schools throughout Spain.

Canigó Alumni has collaboration agreements with companies that offer discounts to former students and family members.



Marta Beriain Bañares


María Jesús Castillo