6-12 years

Primary School is a stage aimed at developing to the maximum each student’s abilities and skills, work habits, effort and responsibility, as well as critical spirit and personal initiative, laying the groundwork for obtaining good results in Secondary Education and Baccalaureate.

As part of Fomento’s educational project, specific projects and programs are being developed at this stage, which are continuously updated. The English language proficiency of our students is attested to by the Cambridge external exams; more than 80% finish Primary School with a level equivalent to A2. Beginning in 5th Year of Primary School, students of Fomento’s schools can participate in various language programs abroad, in schools in the United States, Reino Unido and Ireland.

At all educational stages, Fomento’s schools are also defined by personalised education, quality, educational innovation and Christian identity.

Innovation projects

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The Oratory game

Its objective is that our students improve their oral expression by recreating everyday situations within the classroom. Through this game, girls and boys make a start in the art of oratory.

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Child Talks!

In Primary School, the students, already accustomed from Pre-Primary School to the Magic Talk! speaking project, continue to express their ideas, experiences, knowledge, etc., in a personal, fluent and frequent way, and in English. Through Child Talks!, pupils develop their communication skills.

Trilingualism | Bilingualism | Primary School

Walking into English

Project of Development facilitates the acquisition of English through the use of Natural Science, Social Science and Artistic Expression. Emphasis is placed on communicative competence, in the observation and exploration of events, in group work and in oral presentations.

Trilingualism | Primary School

English Corner

Conversation in English with native teachers in small group. In 1st and 2nd of Primary Education students are prepared for the achievement of Pre-A1 and A1, with the help of the Walking into English material used in the classroom. From 3rd to 6th, the oral objective responds to level A2 and B1, according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages

Trilingualism | Bilingualism | Primary School

Drama Walking into English

The English Language area includes dramatisation, giving rise to this project in Primary School, as a continuation of Magic Dragon Drama in Pre-Primary, which uses the dramatisation of traditional as well as everyday stories.

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Chess is one of the Fun Mathematics games. It is a teaching instrument whose learning and practice develops intellectual skills (reasoning, concentration, strategy development, problem solving, memory...). It also improves the degree of autonomy, self-confidence, understanding of rules and the willingness to play with others.

Primary School


A project in which students learn to create animations, interactive stories and games with the computer, facilitating the learning of programming in a very intuitive way.

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STEAM project

A program that brings together different learning methodologies that develop logical thinking and experimentation. They are framed within this Scratch program in Primary School, the Fomento Science Project and the Physics and Chemistry Projects in ESO and BAC.

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A project developed by Fomento at the Baccalaureate level that introduces students to the design and construction of robots, promoting interdisciplinary learning in STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics).

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