Canigó school celebrates Magic Talk! Day: public speaking in English for children

Magic Talk! is an innovative venture developed within the framework of the English Project, which is the trilingual program for kids that we implement at Canigó school in Barcelona. It consists of a series of English speaking activities to acquire communication skills. These presentations let students express their ideas, experiences and knowledge personally, fluently and frequently from the age of 3.

Magic Talk! Day: a day dedicated to speaking in English

We usually allocate one day to receive the students’ families to observe how the children develop their English, but this year, due to the circumstances, it has not been possible to do so in person. For this reason, we have organized the day for the students as usual but for the families, we have sent an individual video of each child from P5 demonstrating their English skills.

In addition, each of the students has taken home a microphone at the end of the day, which reminds them of the day and encourages them to continue participating, telling stories and practicing trilingualism.