Colegio Canigó de Barcelona celebrates the 9th edition of the Maths Champions competition

Canigó School has celebrated Maths Champions, with the participation of more than 150 students.

Last March 14th we celebrated the IX edition of the Maths Champions at the Canigo College of Barcelona: a fun Mathematics  contest for boys and girls of kindergarten. It is part of the project of Matemáticas Divertidas developed by Fomento. Its objective is that the boys and girls of Kindergarten  learn, have fun and enjoy Mathematics through playing.

This year more than 150 i5 students from four different schools participated: Viaró, Nuestra Señora Nursery School, John Talabot and Canigó.

Participants organized in work groups in which each one was assigned a role were able to measure, calculate, perform simple statistical exercises, serializations and solve small mathematical challenges. Everything was adapted to their age and everything took place in a limited time.

After the competition came the well-deserved rest: they all enjoyed an outdoors picnic, they played and were able to participate in a gymkhana organized by the 3rd grade students ESO

Presentation of prizes for Maths Champions 2024 of Colegio Canigó

The day ended with the with the delivery of awards in the school’s assembly hall, for which we had the presence of Mercè Triay, from John Talabot School; Mercedes Cavero, from the Viaró school; Carlota Maruenda, from the Nuestra Señora Nursery School; and Marga Acín and Adriana Doria, alumni of the Jaloque Promotion, Canigo.

All participants were able to collect a medal, which was the deserved  award for having resolved the proposed challenges and calculations. Each school also took one prize cup in recognition of their participation in the contest.

At Canigó School, Mathematics is fun from Kindergarten

The Maths Champions is part of the project Fun Math and of STEAM Project. These projects developed by Fomento demonstrate the success of this innovative learning method based on manipulation with the aim of incorporating mathematical reasoning in a close and fun way. They also do it through the union of different learning methodologies that work on logical thinking and experimentation. This program is also part of the Fomento Science Project and the Physics and Chemistry Projects.

Therefore we can say that in Canigo Mathematics is a child’s game!

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