Scratch Day in Canigó 2023: a day dedicated to programming

Would you know how to devise, plan and program a game? What if you also did it with your daughter and she was the one who taught you?

On April 28, the Canigó trilingual school celebrated Scratch Day; a family event in which the students of Primary 4 programmed a game with their parents, with which they  later enjoyed playing together.

The 4th grade students became the stars of Scratch Day explaining to their parents the objectives they pursue when programming, the skills they develop and the practical activities they carry out to achieve them. It was an open class in which everyone could observe how they learn and experiment in a fun way through programming with Scratch, while developing computational thinking and logical reasoning.

This workshop has been organized with the idea of ​​promoting and bringing innovative technology from the school to the families of Primary education.

Be programmers for a day

Scratch Day was born with the objective for parents to enjoy a programming class with their daughters while learning some programming tricks. The students are the ones who teach their parents how to develop a project using the visual programming language: Scratch.

This software was developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) expressly for learning the languages ​​of computing from very early ages. During its execution, it facilitates the development of creative thinking, systematic reasoning and collaborative work, necessary competences for the students in the current environment in which they live.

What projects are developed in programming classes?

The programming classes start with simple projects, thus allowing students to learn the new language through experimentation. Progressively, the level of difficulty increases and they design programs such as games or translators. This learning based “learning by doing – learning by playing”, consolidates knowledge through meaningful learning.