Alumni  meeting at the Canigó school

This year 2023 we have once again enjoyed some very special events in Canigó with Canigó Alumni: the 10 year anniversary of the Reddere promotion, the 15 year anniversary of the Majestic promotion and the 25 year anniversary of the Barlovento promotion.

They were joined by Canigó’s first four promotions for the celebration of its 50th anniversary, which could not be held before due to the pandemic.

The first four Canigó promotions celebrated their 50th anniversary

Each promotion had 2 or 3 organizers, who were in charge of mobilizing the Alumni of their course and to inviting the teachers who had taught them. Some came from far away, even from the US!

The evening was very exciting as it allowed us to greet the teachers, reunite with classmates and visit the school. Particularly those corners that were especially significant for each promotion, as well as the new facilities that Canigó has created, renovated or updated in recent years.

We started at 8:00 p.m. with a Thanksgiving Mass in the new oratory of the school, in which some Alumni of the latest promotions sang. Next, Canigó Alumni and the school welcomed the different promotions. We took group photos and there was even a small gift for the attendees. We finished the evening with a dinner in which we could all catch up with those Alumni who we don’t see that often.

What is Canigó Alumni?

Canigó Alumni It is a project that brings the school closer to our former students, it promotes the feeling of belonging and that the friendship that began at school continues throughout the years.

Through Canigó Alumni, everyone can continue to participate in the educational project of Fomento. The various training programs, solidarity and  cultural projects, sports activities, etc. are a meeting place, as well as an opportunity for participation and collaboration with the school.

Thanks to all of you who were able to come. We look forward to seeing you at the next celebration!

Students today, Alumni always!