Canigó celebrates the 9th edition of the Oratory Contest for Primary 6 students

The oratory contest, which has been celebrated in the Canigó school for Primary 6 students for the last nine years, started with the illusion of empowering them with fluency and oral expression.

This project begins in the classroom progressively, starting in the second trimester. Little by little, week by week, the students work  individually and on occasion they also work cooperatively when they help each other until each one is able to perfect their own project. When the task is completed, the students are greatly satisfied with their work.

“The objective is to prepare an argumentative speech on a subject, defend it orally, and convince or persuade others -in three or five minutes- through the exclusive use of the word.”

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¿What does the Oratory contest consist of?

It is about preparing an argumentative speech on a topic, to defend it orally and convince or persuade their colleagues, in three or five minutes, through the exclusive use of the word, that is, without any type of visual support.

The project ends in an oral presentation whose framework is an oratory contest in which all the Primary 6 students participate.

In the end, the finalists present their work in front of a specialized jury and parents of the school. It is here that the three winners receive a well deserved prize.

“It improves learning in different aspects: decision-making in the choice of the topic, information accumulation, and the selection of evidence to support it”.

Communication skills at the Canigó school

This project offers us the opportunity to improve learning in many aspects.  decision making in the choice of theme, information accumulation and selection of evidence that supports their argument. Additionally, they practice the type of argumentative text through specific activities. They learn to write more correctly: with appropriate structure, avoiding repetitions with the use of synonyms,  and the use of new connectors…

The final delivery is another important aspect: voice, posture, gestures, glances, silences, … everything is taken into account and valued in this oral presentation.

This year, some of the themes worked on have been: “Discover the superhero in you”; “How to change the world in six steps”; “Family, the best team”; “Metaverse vs reading?”; and “Living in a good mood”. These topics help students think about values ​​and attitudes of their day to day.