The Canigó School, runner-up in the Pilar Villanova Barcelona Basketball Tournament 2021

The youth basketball team of the Canigó School in Barcelona claimed the title runner-up in the VIII Pilar Villanova Tournament in Barcelona.

The players enjoyed an intense day of sports playing several games in a row. After a great deal of effort and teamwork, they reached the final of the tournament. Ultimately, they lost by only three points, putting them in second place.

The members of the Canigó School team received congratulations from the organization for how well they played.


Pilar Vilanova 2021 Tournament: an exciting sports season

This year’s Pilar Villanova Tournament has been the starting point of the CEEB – Consell de l’Esport Escolar de Barcelona sports season.

The event was held on Saturday October 16 at the Center Esportiu Municipal La Mar Bella. During the competition, teams of the juvenile category participated in the disciplines of basketball, volleyball, soccer 5 and handball.

The tournament is named after Pilar Villanova, who was a member of the CEEB Basketball Competition Committee. She has a long history linked to women’s basketball, and a special connection to the Club Joventut Badalona.

Education in values through sports at the Canigó School

At Canigó School the practice of sport is promoted, and basketball is a favorite among the students. The after-school basketball program has more than 200 students. This type of activity helps to develop the technical and tactical motor skills that accompany  the practice of sports and they work on coexistence with group dynamics.

The education in values, one of the pillars of the educational project of the Canigó school, is also promoted through sports. Values such as teamwork, joy and cooperation are an essential part of the game.

Congratulations to all the participants and a special recognition to the winners.