Third prize for the Innovation Project for the LUDIS team of Canigó school in the Barcelona phase of the First Lego League 2021

The LUDIS team, made up of 5 3rd year ESO students from the Canigó school in Barcelona, ​​has won the 3rd prize for the Innovation Project at the First Lego League tournament in Barcelona.

Awarded in the First Lego League Barcelona 2021

In this project, the students propose as a social experiment to modify the swings in Barcelona’s Villa Florida park by applying generators, so that neighbors, while doing sports and having fun, generate electricity. 

This energy would serve to supply electricity to a library located next to the park but, above all, to make society aware that by doing sports and being active we can collaborate in having a more sustainable city.

Like every season, First Lego League Challenge invites us to discover the fun and excitement of science and technology, proposing us a challenge related to a real-world problem.

First Lego League Challenge: solving real problems

This year the teams have faced a double challenge: on the one hand, the competition itself, the RePLAY Challenge, with the purpose of staying active. and, on the other, to carry the projects forward despite the pandemic.

In Canigó the students have maintained the illusion of previous seasons and, after a preparation course from the technology subject, two teams of 3rd grade of ESO, BAMEC and LUDIS, have been chosen to represent the school in the Barcelona competition.