Canigó school celebrates Chessy Day 2023

On May 19, Chessy Day was held at the Canigó school in Barcelona, which was a complete success. The Primary 2 students and their parents spent a very fun afternoon together full of surprises.

The Primary 2 school girls starred in Chessy Day, enjoying chess and theater in English with their parents

Each student had the opportunity to demonstrate everything they had learned at school these years with the Innovation Project of Chess. This is the best game to develop skills such as: strategy, spatial vision, logical and mathematical reasoning, memory and intuition.

But, above all, it was an afternoon in which the students learned, had fun and enjoyed measuring their skills in front of the board and with their parents.

They also enjoyed Childs Talks!. And they showed what great artists they are  with theater in English, representing the work of the origin of the game of chess.

At the end they were able to enjoy a fun and delicious snack while parents and daughters challenged each other to individual games of chess.

Chess at the Canigó school

In Canigó students, from 4 years to Primary 6, enjoy the Chess project, which is part of the Fun Math project of Fomento.

Chess is a pedagogical instrument which aids  learning and development of other intellectual skills such as reasoning and concentration. It also improves the degree of autonomy, self-confidence, understanding of rules and willingness to play with everyone.